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We’ve been empowering developers for almost fifteen years.

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Since 2004, Packt have been working to empower developers.

We’re proud to be part of the tech community, and to have donated over $1,000,000 to Open Source projects.

We believe that when developers put software to work in new ways, we can make the world better. Packt’s mission is to help developers with the challenges they face through access to comprehensive and practical learning.

That’s why we created Mapt.

With a huge range of content including books, videos, courses, quizzes and projects, Mapt enables IT professionals to learn the way that works best for them. Over 6,000 books and videos available means that you’re sure to find quick answers on any topic in tech.

Chosen by more than than 1,000,000 developers, Mapt gives more tech, more choice, and more value.

Mapt’s expertly curated Skill Plans let developers track their learning, helping you to progress towards your desired goals and develop your skills.

Mapt’s authors are drawn from a global community of experts, united by their passion for cutting-edge technology. Our team of more than 3,500 authors and contributors include Google Engineers, Open Source projects leads, CTOs and MVPs.

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