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Stay competitive.

Take your team to the next level with Mapt for Teams.

  • Access to 4000+ IT, development and creative courses

  • Skill Plans, assessments and progress tracking

  • 50 fresh courses added each month

  • Account and license management

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Mapt for Teams is currently in a closed Beta.

Are you a business that creates code, crunches data, or relies on deployment and innovation in technology?

Designed with businesses in mind, Mapt for Teams will bring you all the great content and market-leading interface of Mapt, along with new and improved features specifically created for Business and Enterprise users.

Whilst Mapt for Teams is being developed, existing and new business users can utilise Mapt Pro to get unlimited access to the cutting edge in tech learning.

If you would like to find out more, or purchase multiple seats for Mapt Pro then please get in touch.

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