Release Notes: Mapt v0.8.2

First things first, we noticed that the progress tracker rewards for Pro subscribers has recently broken, which means a lot of you wouldn’t have received your Free token in February and all of your hard work was for nothing (other than posterity and staying relevant). We’ll be fixing the issue causing this in the next fortnight, but in the meantime please accept our apologies and be comforted by the fact we’ll be adding 2 additional free tokens to all Pro subscriber accounts.


Recommendations on eBook + Video pages

We love it when you read eBooks and Videos on Mapt because our engagement statistics go up and we all get bonuses. So to help you find more relevant learning, we’ve added recommended titles to the bottom of every eBook and video page, so you always have the content you need to stay relevant.


Renamed “Learning” to “My Library”

We’re not going to lie, in the last release we changed ‘Dashboard’ to ‘Learning’ and it confused a lot of subscribers. Doing (let’s face it) what we should have done in the first place, we simply asked for your opinion on what it should be called and thus “Learning” now becomes “My Library”. It’s basically the place you go to manage all the stuff you’re actively reading or currently watching.

Renamed “Library” to “Discover”

Yup, more of this renaming stuff. The more astute of you might have realised that if we’d only renamed “Learning” to “My Library” then we’d be left with two navigation items called “Library” which would be infinitely more confusing. As a result, we decided the renaming fun shouldn’t end and we (yup, you guessed it) asked for your opinion again. We found that most people used the old “Library” page to discover new things to learn, so in the spirit of naming something what it does we decided to call the page “Discover”. Pretty inspired stuff right!

Search on “My Library”

I know technically you can already search from the side navigation across Mapt and thus the new “My Library” page, but in usability testing we saw a lot of people looking for search with no success. To make things more obvious we’ve simply put a massive search bar on the “My Library” page. You’re welcome!

Update “Remove from Saved”

To make sure the new redesign has been working for people we’ve continued to run usability testing and saw one issue come up again and again. Given that you’ve ‘Saved’ a title to read or watch it later, if you wanted to, at some point in the future, remove it from your saved list then you would have to click a button called ‘Saved’ with a folder icon. We realise in hindsight how utterly unintuitive this is and have resolved this by changing the icon to a cross and updating the copy to ‘Remove from Saved’.

Bookmark notifications

In the previous release we added a cool notification system in the platform that told you when you had added and removed things from your saved list. It was always our intention to roll this functionality out to the other parts of the platform so we’ve now added it to bookmarks. You should notice that whenever you add or remove a bookmark you’ll see a notification confirming the action appear on the screen, giving you the confidence to know that you’ll never lose your place.


  • Fixed: Back Button randomly stops working when browsing eBooks and videos
  • Fixed: Topics Page search doesn’t work
  • Fixed: Topics Page is missing header
  • Fixed: Backlashes now appear correctly in eBook code examples