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Web Developers

Front End / Back End / Full Stack / CMS / eCommerce

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The constant drive of new frameworks and new tools makes web development easy to learn, and tough to master. Do both with Mapt. Build stunning interfaces with Angular, upgrade your backend speed with Node, and get the insight you need on HTML, CSS, Python, ASP.NET, and more.

  • Write best practice HTML/CSS that’s reliable and reusable
  • Master the latest JS frameworks: Angular, React, and Vue
  • Deploy web applications built in ASP.NET, Java or Python
  • Learn full stack development and prodive both front and back end solutions
Web Development Titles

Data Scientists

Data Analysis / Deep Learning / Machine Learning / AI / Vizualisation

Professional data scientists are some of the most valuable members of any modern organization. Learn the cutting edge techniques and tools to extract hidden insight from big data.

  • Build machine learning algorithms with Python, TensorFlow and more
  • Create accessible BI dashboards and data visualizations
  • Mine and scrape raw data from the web and from the cloud
  • Write data analysis code with Python, R, Java, and Go
Data Science Titles
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Applications / Languages / Testing / Functional / High Performance

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Unlock the insight you need to succeed as the top developer in your team. Mapt gives you the practical answers you need to solve development problems on the fly, pick up new languages and new paradigms, and master new tools.

  • Write clean and reusable code in Python, Java, and more
  • Build scalable applications to architectural best practice
  • Incorporate machine learning into your app development
  • Develop, test and deploy software faster with continuous integration techniques
Programming Titles


Virtualization / Cloud / SysAdmin / Servers / Containers / Networks

Boost your team’s performance and deliver software faster. Mapt empowers you with practical applications of cutting-edge DevOps theory, and insight into the essential auotmation software for reliable continuous delivery.

  • Deploy anywhere with Docker and Kubernetes
  • Innovate faster by implementing microservices
  • Administer and deploy to the AWS and Azure cloud
  • Handle logs and keep track of change with best practice version control using Git, GitLab and more
DevOps Titles
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Game Developers

2D & 3D Game Development / Graphics Programming / Mobile Games / Design / AI & VR

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Deliver stunning graphics, write complex AI scripts, and utilise powerful engines to their full capability. Mapt offers the most comprehensive range of game development courses anywhere on the web.

  • Learn scripting languages like C# as you code your own games
  • Construct captivating game UI components
  • Master essential engines, including Unreal and Unity 2018
  • Create and deploy stunning graphics for both 2D and 3D games
Game Development Titles

IT Managers

Enterprise Planning / Project Management / Soft Skills / Business Management / UI Development

Ensure your software is delivered on-time and to specification with practical implementation of project management theory. Build your toolkit of essential techniques, including Kanban, Agile, and Scrum, to keep your team on target.

  • Implement hands-on business advice for start-ups and freelancers
  • Master your ‘soft skills’ toolkit for better communication
  • Plan and deliver products to specification with practical project management
  • Leverage Office 365, Dynamics 365, JIRA and more to increase your organization’s efficiency
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Mobile Developers

Cross Platform / Android / iOS / Augmented Reality / Enterprise

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Overcome the challenges of mobile development and deliver cross-platform apps that run like native. Mapt empowers you with the insight you need to deliver for iOS and Android.

  • Create mobile projects that incorporate TensorFlow and deep learning
  • Write clean and reusable code in Swift, Kotlin, and JavaScript
  • Build one, deploy anywhere with cross-platform development
  • Wrap web apps for fast and easy mobile experience
Mobile Titles

Security Specialists

Penetration Testing / Forensics / Cyber Security / Information Security / Cloud / Malware

With new threats emerging every day securing your networks, systems, and data has never been more vital. Build your defenses with Mapt and stay on the cutting edge of modern security techniques.

  • Construct your pentesting arsenal with Kali Linux
  • Analyse and secure network traffic with Wireshark
  • Deploy security to the cloud
  • Pursue security certification for CCENT/CCNA, CompTIA CSA+, CISSP and more
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Hardware Engineers

Internet of Things / Robotics / 3D Printing / Embedded Systems / Home Automation / Wearable Tech

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Hone your hardware engineering skills with tips, blueprints and instruction guides. Mapt gives you the toolbox of techniques you need to build amazing IoT, hardware and robotics projects.

  • Write embedded systems to run your hardware devices
  • Tinker with the Arduino, the Raspberry Pi, and more
  • Develop and deploy secure apps for the Internet of Things
  • Build advanced drones and robots that walk, swim and fly
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