New Mapt Courses for March 2017

//New Mapt Courses for March 2017

The Mapt content library just keeps growing – we’ve added a massive 87 new courses in February alone! Ensure you’re always relevant and on the cutting edge of your career with our latest data and development courses.

Development and Programming

Get to grips with the latest programming paradigm to sweep Enterprise and upgrade your C# knowledge with our multi-part Functional Programming in C# course. Or for mobile developers, discover how to go further with your iOS and Apple development with Swift 3 Game Development and Swift 3 Object-Oriented Programming.

Data Analysis

Build better PostgreSQL databases with the tips, tricks and toolbox of troubleshooting insight you’ll get from the PostgreSQL High Availability Cookbook. Or optimize your deep learning algorithms with the power of the TensorFlow Machine Learning Cookbook, stuffed full of techniques to get the most out of this powerful new library. Other data titles include:

Game Development

This month, we’re all about virtual reality. Push the frontiers of game development with the exciting new Oculus Rift platform and our Mastering Oculus Rift Development course. Or build something great with one of these hands-on gamedev courses:


Bring the DevOps movement to your networks with the Infrastructure as Code Cookbook, stuffed with over 90 practical, actionable recipes to automate, test, and manage your infrastructure quickly and effectively. Or check out one of these amazing sysadmin courses:

Web Development

Continue to develop your knowledge of Angular this month, with our brand new courses Angular Test-Driven Development and Angular 2 Core Concepts. We know test-driven dev can be a bit dull – but it ensures your code runs smooth and your clients stay happy! What else will you create with this month’s web dev courses?

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